Redevelopment Grants

Mon River and City of Williamsport

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program Grants

Penn Strategies secured two of the 58 Economic Growth Initiative grants awarded under the Commonwealth’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). The program was created to aid local communities in the acquisition and construction of regional, economic, cultural, civic, recreational and historical improvement projects. Under a competitive environment and a tight state budget, Penn Strategies was able to help both the Washington County Redevelopment Authority and the City of Williamsport, each receiving a 3 million dollar grant for their projects; accounting for $6 million out of just $130 million awarded by Governor Corbett and of a requested $1 billion from Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

Former Wheeling-Pittsburgh Allenport Rehabilitation and Revitalization

The Mon River Industrial Group came to Penn Strategies needing funding for a proposed 400-acre industrial park that would create 3200 new jobs in struggling economic areas of Washington County. Formerly the site of the Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, the proposed development was located on State Route 88 near I-70 and Route 43.

After Wheeling-Pittsburgh declared bankruptcy, approximately 2500 jobs were eliminated, which left a tremendous negative economic impact on the surrounding areas. The new Mon River development project proposed a $13.4 million revitalization, which would include the $6.1 million acquisition cost, $1 million site and building improvements, and an additional $6.3 million in construction costs.

Penn Strategies successfully procured $3 million in RACP funding for the Mon River development project. The grant not only allowed them to improve the existing facilities, but improve the infrastructure and transportation outlets surrounding the site. The site has 16 manufacturing and warehouse buildings, along with 12,500 square feet of office space and 800,000 square feet of empty space for new buildings. 

Destination 2014 Town Center in Williamsport

As consultants for the City of Williamsport’s Destination 2014 project, Penn Strategies helped acquire another $3 million RACP grant. The city’s proposed project created taxable properties by reusing the YMCA building on Elmira Street and the block bound by Elmira, West Third, Hepburn and Fourth Street.

Penn Strategies emphasized the positive economic impacts of this project in the grant application. Instead of allowing the property to sit and deteriorate, the revitalization project proposes the development of a civic arena, downtown conference center and office space for businesses, which would provide jobs for the community. The conference center would also entice visitors to stay and shop in Williamsport. In addition, the arena would include an 80,000 square foot sporting facility for indoor soccer, baseball and golf and would  expect to bring together local institutions like Lycoming College, Penn College and Little League.