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In June of 2013, Penn Strategies was approached by NetJets and the Washington County Airport to advocate on behalf of H.B. 1100 and S.B. 593. These bills provided a sales tax exemption for maintenance and repairs to aircraft. For years this legislation had enjoyed strong support from some members, however, it lacked an organized effort aimed at moving it through both chambers.

Penn Strategies launched an immediate effort to get this legislation passed through both houses and on the Governor`s desk before the budget session ended. Former State Senator Bob Regola led the effort in the Senate, while Jason Fitzgerald led efforts in the House.

Members of the legislature do not typically embrace legislation that is revenue negative, understanding this, Penn Strategies worked to convince members on both sides of the aisle that if the exemption passed, it would:

  • Generate additional tax revenue through an increase in fuel flowage fees, hanger leases, and business taxes through increased aviation
  • Create jobs in the aviation sector, which would lead to increased employment tax collections
  • New aviation employees would have discretionary income to spend, supporting other sectors of the economy.

The legislation, with some minor changes, was passed by both houses and signed by Governor Tom Corbett on July 10, 2013.

As of 2013, the general aviation business was responsible for 288,700 jobs and contributes over 1.31 billion dollars to the state`s economy.