Christine Kight

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Penn Strategies welcomed Christine Kight in 2017. Her responsibilities include investigative research, strategic planning and public relations.

Prior to joining Penn Strategies, Kight served as Public Relations Director for an international agency; as Director of Sales and Marketing for a national technology company and worked as an Advertising and Marketing Consultant for a host of small to mid-sized businesses in a wide range of professional disciplines.

In these roles, Kight designed and evaluated business models and implemented new programs to increase revenues for her clients. Working with a wide range of business interests, Kight also developed radio, television, newspaper and online ads, press releases and corporate literature. With over two decades of experience as a training program developer, Kight developed and delivered training programs for the Fortune 500, including Bristol-Myers Squibb; Chrysler and Eli Lilly.

Kight previously worked as a pedagogical home educator and created an original curriculum for the 22 elementary and middle-school subjects she taught. Kight is an active volunteer in her local area and participates in efforts to alleviate poverty in her community, such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in the Greater Lycoming County area and through serving food to the needy with the St. Anthony’s Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Kight resides in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two children.